Innovations to expect from Apple in 2016

A very happy 2016 to all of you. If you think that last year was mesmerizing in terms of great Apple products and the launch of the brand new iPad Air, this year we are expecting even more innovation from developers. Today I am going to talk about some of the most realistic expeditions from Apple in 2016. Let’s find out why every critic is calling 2016 as the year of Apple product revolution instead of mere evolution from their last year’s model.

Apple Watch – the next big wearable tech 

Wearable technology saw a big boom last and and 2014 should provide us with a clear path as to where companies are going in terms of wearables. There has been a long rumor of an Apple powered iWatch and it’s very likely that Tim Cook will announce their revolutionary new device somewhere around mid 2014. iWatch should be powered with Apple’s own iOS and feature a sleek new look.

iPad Pro – unifying the iPad & Macbook 

Late last year we started receiving numerous reports of a brand new screen size for the next generation iPad. It was rumored that the 12.9 inch tablet would be referred to as iPad Pro. That’s all we know so far about this mysterious new iPad. In 2014 we can expect more details about its specifications and release date. This is one product I am not that excited about since the device is catered to a very specific group of audience.

Apple TV – Most anticipated tech revolution of 2016

Apple TV is happening in 2016 for sure. In December 2013 Tim Cook wrote an email to every Apple employees stating that the company is pretty excited about new product categories next year. Apple TV is one of the longest rumored upcoming product from this company and my hopes are pretty high with what Apple does to reinvent the television.

At CES 2014 we are getting a constructive vision for the future of the Television. According to my predictions you can expect the launch of Apple TV at WWDC 2014 with more rumors floating around the internet a month before the event. This is the product I am monster excited about.

iPhone 7 – Bigger screen-size & new design 

iPhone 7 should be released sometime in the last quarter of 2016. With this iPhone you can expect not just an internal bump in configurations but a brand new design as well as a bigger screen size. Several critics believe that the new iPhone 7 will have wider display, even less side bezel as well as 4k resolution for the display. I still need to measure a lot of variables before buying the new phone right before the holidays. Anyways, that’s a long time from now. 

These are some of my predictions for Apple’s 2014 innovation streak. One thing that everyone is certain is the fact that Tim Cook is under a lot of pressure from Apple fans to deliver the “next big thing” and shut the skeptics who still think he is riding the inertia set by the late genius Steve Jobs.


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