Fun Facts About Sake

Visiting a Sake Brewing Factory maybe not in your list, but mine! Even I didn’t drink alcohol, it’s important to me to get to know one of Japanese Traditional Beverage such as Sake or people here called it as “Nihon-shu” or “Seishu”.

This is kinda awkward because even I can’t drink the alcohol I still can smell the flavour of alcohol right after I got in to the factory, and to be honest this makes me feel dizzy, or maybe I was drunk??!! As for some people this smell is mesmerizing.

I saw how they peel the rice’s skin to make a fine rice for sake! Yes, to make a good sake, they need to peel more than 60% or rice skin to produce a better rice which consist of rich materials and nutrient.

Sake is best when its made at winter, because of the cold weather and fresh water, the freshness of sake can be taste. Here are some fun facts that I found when visiting the factory.

  1. Sake is made in a several different size of barrels. This barrels size is adjusted to the size of the building. Also, the amount of sake production especially the expensive tastier one is made on a little barrel of just as limited as up to 50litre, but for the usual one can reach up to 54,000 litre.

  2. Doesn’t like wine, sake is better to drink as fast as possible from when the dates it made.

  3. Sake is absolutely good when inserting in any kind of dishes – as they said-, but this is proven in all of Nabe soup or any grilled beef that taste awesome, but still I just can’t eat it.

  4. Sake is made from just of 40% of peeled rice, water, and yeast. While the other 60% is to make other food such as sake manju, etc.

  5. In Japan, sake is known to have health benefits. It is also preservative free and gluten free. (as opposed to wine which requires sulfites to make it shelf stable).

  6. The quality of the sake can be seen from the color and transparancy in a special glass which have mark in the bottom of the glass, so you can distinguish the different color.

  7. The factory itself, is literally just 10 minutes walk from the mountain. So then, they are using the water freshly from the mountain that digged vertically!


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