Top 3 recommended Ramen shops in Japan

Hi everyone, this time I want to write about ramen, my most favorite food in Japan. Perhaps in other countries Japanese restaurants are usually about sushi and it seems like ramen is not so prevalent. But I want you to try them out if you are in Japan because it tastes amazing and has had me addicted to it for whole 8 years!

What is ramen?

Maybe some of you will ask me “what is ramen in the first place?? I have no idea”. In short, it’s a dish consisting of noodles and soup. Actually ramen comes from China but Japanese people developed their own ramen in their unique ways, and now Japanese ramen has become one of the most popular foods in Japan.

There are many kinds of ramen depending on dash used in it. For example the orthodox ones are “shoyu ramen(soy sauce base)”,”shio ramen(salt base)”,”miso ramen” and “tonkotsu ramen(pork bones base)


First ramen shop I want to talk about is “Tamagoro”. This is a chain shop and can usually be found in Kansai area like Nanba station(Osaka), Honmachi station(Osaka), Osaka station(Osaka) and Kobe station(Hyogo prefecture) but one of them is located near Shinjuku-san-cho-me station (Tokyo).

Tamagoro website *Japanese only
Feature: They use dried sardines base dash, so when the ramen is served in front of you, it smells so nice that it will probably make you drool. And you can order two types ramen. One is a natural ramen(I mean noodles in soup) and the other is “Tsukemen”(Soup and noodles are separated). I personally recommend “Tsukemen”.


Second ramen shop I want to tell you about is “Ichiran”. This is a chain shop which is really famous among people who like ramen and you can frequently see them in big cities. There is an English website too, if you want to check where they are located, please see their page

Ichiran ramen website
Feature: They use tonkotsu(pork bones) dashi and their secret is the spicy sauce. When you start eating it, the soup tastes a little spicy but you won’t stop moving your chopsticks because it’s just so good!


Third ramen shop I want to tell you about is “Jiro”. This is also a chain shop and is located in the number of areas from the eastside to westside. Moreover, sometimes there are Jiro inspired shops though under the different names.

Feature: There is a lot of pork oil in the soup and it is really heavy. But more than anything else, the portions are gigantic! (※If you visit there for the first time, you should order the smallest size).If you like garlic and meat, you will definitely be satisfied with it.
So here I wrote 3 reviews of my favorite ramen but, of course, there are more ramen stores. Make sure to try as many types of ramen as you can while in Japan!


  • 1000 / 1000


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